Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When I think of you
     and what you do to me
I think of my favorite word


expectant lips

a balloon in flight
     losing itself



Your magic
tricks me
into believing I'm alone with myself
our quiet, a dreamland
learning you slowly
along an infinite future

The shine in your eyes points
to oceanic depths, but
that metaphor has lost its gravity

and besides,
caves are more suited for the task
of telling your stories

I want to venture inside
with my lantern and my parakeet
in pack, to pet the shapes
of the smooth and jagged walls
to find my way by tasting
the cool wind that blows from the dark, ahead
a smell so sweet
the fairest feathered friend faints
and yet something draws me deeper
softly pawing my way along a string
that was cast
along with a wish

A poetry prompt from The Sunday Whirl


  1. Excellent write. I especially like "learning you slowly along an infinite future." Welcome to The Whirl!

  2. Magical! I am right there with the lantern and the parakeet, exploring the cave.

    Your writing leaves me breathless---and longing for more!

    Whirlings: for Adrienne Rich

    1. Thank you, Magical Mystical Teacher!

      I love your poem, and these lines make me want to be in that moment right NOW...

      "guitars at sunset
      taste of wine still on my tongue"

  3. Mysterious and haunting in a good way. This reminds me of a series of books about people in cave dwelling times and discovering drawings on the walls that were there even before they arrived. Enchanting. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Jules!