Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love to lie on hard surfaces

I love to lie on hard surfaces
to feel all of the hardest places to reach
connect with the ground
as I look up through the ceiling
through the sky, through the blackness
surrounding the stars, and ask questions I know
I don't want the answers to, like
what's next?

To let my eyes wander a little
to the left, to connect with the light of a star
is to look backwards in time, and something
prevents me from doing this
for too long, I see
enough to witness balls of light
forming a string, like planes
preparing to connect to earth.

And my eyes wander back
to the darkness, to the silence
where infinite possibilities are born
with a blast as big as a bang, I say
wait, wait… don't tell me...

A poetry prompt from:
the imaginary garden with real toads

Also inspired by the title of NPR's weekly hour-long quiz program, "Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!"


  1. This was a photo I was drawn to and your words make me say "yes" ... you captured "it". Just lovely. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Margaret! And thank you for stopping by and commenting. Happy poetry month :)

  2. Sometimes it is best not to know...

    (Lovely words BTW!)

    Anna :o]

    1. Thank you, Anna! Nice to meet you :)