Friday, April 6, 2012

The Label Maker

Have you ever reflected on years gone by
and titled each year as if chapters in a book

a witty little phrase
packed with the punch
of an inside joke

On The Move

Diving Deep

Sh*t, I'm Sorry

And what would I title this year?

The Great Escape

Nap Ketchup!

Drawing Lines In The Sand?

But you can really only give it a name after you've lived it.

To label something
a potentiality
is like drawing with an eraser
the image never comes
just a bunch of torn paper.

Or like getting your hands on a P-Touch
and gripping it with the pressure
of your legacy, and finally
after much deliberation
your label spits out

words failing to describe
the pleasure of pushing that lever down
to separate your words
from other words

As you realize two things:
1. There's nowhere to stick this label right now,
          even if I did want to peel the backing off, and

2. There will never be a suitable resting place

these are dreams...

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