Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost In The Rain (Reunited At Last) ((A Love Song))

Yesterday I took a bike ride around Haikou, and on my way home it started to rain, heavier and heavier until it was so hard to see that I got totally lost. After finally finding my street again, I spontaneously wrote and sang this song as I rode my bike down my flooded street toward home as the rain continued to pour down. This is the raw version, unedited, in all its magnificent glory. I'm going to clean it up and give it to my friend Jen who wants to make it into a real song with her awesome guitar playing...

Lan Tian Lu
Oh how I missed you
when I got so lost today
in the heavy rain

Lan Tian Lu
Oh Look!
You're all flooded!
Just like you're flooding my heart
with love

Lan Tian Lu
I missed you
and the way you look
and I missed the way you smell
but not all the time
because sometimes you smell
really bad

Lan Tian Lu
Oh how I missed you
and the crazy drivers
driving on you
the way they swerve
without even looking
and the way I almost die
every time
I miss you


  1. Nice. What is "Lan Tian Lu"? and I'm surprised that you can ride the bike in the heavy rain without siliding.

    1. Hi Giora, Lan Tian Lu is the name of the street I live on. Yeah I was surprised about not sliding in the rain too! The water was up over my feet and pedals, and even the electric scooters wouldn't go through the water, but I took a deep breath and slowly and steadily made my way through it, not even knowing if there were potholes below the water...I lucked out big time!