Monday, October 24, 2016

In Memoriam

Do you remember when there was nothing to hear
When silence was silent
Not even the hum of some distant thing
. . .

Synapses speeding
Up in time fleeting they say
You gotta hit the ground bleeding
Before your heart stops beating in your chest
You give it your best or give it a rest
Is this a test or is this our story
To reach for glory before in memoriam
. . .

The world can't go back to the way it was
It never could
It never does
. . .

Cats in Purrrsuit

Kitties on edge
On the ledge
Want to invest in hedge funds
But they got no real funds
So they dress up in suits
In pursuit of jobs in the classifieds
Bonafide cats with street smarts
But no education that’s ok gonna let it slide
Rockin’ the interview
Expandin’ the purrrview
For the recruiter
To hire cats to work on computers
And now they’re commuters
But cats don’t like riding on wheels
They hate how it feels
It makes them hisssterical
It’s a miracle
They make it to work without going berserk
And work forty hours
For the powers that be 
Payin’ their paycheck on payday 
Today is the day they race to the bank 
Cha-ching they be bringing the bling bling
Callin’ up the broker asking her to broker
A deal to ‘steal’ some capital 
It makes no sense at all
That cats are picking up the pace
About face are joining the rat race
To do something else it seems
Sick of being in memes
They can haz more meaning
Being in purrrsuit of their dreams.