Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pass-- Ahh Do, In Claw, Rowww

O-- does crone the llama
Pass mental, is the mosque of so many bras
Some bras delve benzamine into the mosque pass
Pour, come in, O the day echoes
Queue the lame, more to invent a bore, a
Sin came in, nor came in, and
So brave is the tea whore a plenty
Ten deeds to enter in electra you try.

A poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo

A homophonic translation from the first part of an Octavio Paz poem (I've posted twice within a few days about Paz, as he's one of the only books of poetry I brought with me to China, very good company) :

Pasado en claro

Oidos con el alma,
pasos mentales mas que sombras,
sombras del pensamiento mas que pasos,
por el camino de ecos
que la memoria inventa y borra:
sin caminar caminan
sobre este ahora, puente
tendido entre una letra y otra.

and the English translation:

A draft of shadows

Heard by the soul, footsteps
in the mind more than shadows,
shadows of thought more than footsteps
through the path of echoes
that memory invents and erases:
without walking they walk
over this present, bridge
slung from one letter to the next.


  1. Loooooove! Especially:
    "Pass mental, is the mosque of so many bras"

    I shall be erecting a Bra Mosque, immediately. ;)

    O the day of echoes...

    So great!

    1. haha yes, we should all erect Bra Mosques!

      I can't stop laughing, thank you, De.