Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thinking of Shrubberies In Honor of Earth Day

The Knights
Who 'Til Recently
Said Ni, oh keepers of gibberish
and antlers, and deep love
of leafy things, demand a sacrifice
of the utmost foliaged proportions
before you shall pass, you must
visit Roger, he who maketh shrubberies
alas is called The Shrubber
and he shall bestow upon you
a shrubbery that's quite nice, but
TKWTRSN will be only somewhat
satisfied, they will demand
a second shrubbery, one slightly higher
so you get a two-level effect
with a path down the middle
and if that wasn't enough to appease them
they will try to demand that you cut down
the mightiest tree in the forest with
a herring
but all you ever had to do was say...


  1. *dead* at this one. LOVE!!

    PS: Your mother was a hamster. And your father? Well we all know what your father smelt of.