Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free in know why we lie

We long function, no
June sea, ye ruin a
lone yawn, deep shadow
drawn who choose way, draw
one song from me, and I
cheat, may she run, why
ye gun, you won't hunt, you
touching milieu

A poetry prompt from naming constellations.

This is another homophonic translation (the first one I tried is here), this time from a Chinese poem called "Thinking of Li Bai at the End of the Sky" by Du Fu (杜甫). I found the poem here, which gives the simplified Chinese, pinyin, gloss and English translations (the pinyin is pasted below since that is the version I used for the sounds). I read the poem in pinyin, pronouncing the words correctly with the tones, and then took liberties on choosing English words that sounded somewhat similar or had a similar rhythm. I left it pretty choppy sounding intentionally, but maybe next time I'll add in some words that aren't necessarily sounds in the original poem to sort of round it out more. Playing with a poem in this way is a lot of fun, and sometimes offers up little surprises and words I probably never would have thought to put together.

tiān mò huái lǐ bái

liáng fēng qǐ tiān mò
jūn zǐ yì rú hé
hóng yàn jǐ shí dào
jiāng hú qiū shuǐ duō
wén zhāng zèng mìng dá
chī mèi xǐ rén guò
yìng gòng yuān hún yǔ
tóu shī zèng mì luó

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