Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oriental Cockroach

Most dreaded creature
the Oriental cockroach
it flies OH MY GOD!

I've been sleeping with the lights on ever since I thought I saw a flying cockroach in my apartment a couple of weeks ago. Well today as I was doing some Spring deep-cleaning, the flying cockroach flew out of my bathroom sink! I screamed and ran for a shoe, but when I returned, it was gone. I wanted to cry, it's the creepiest bug ever. Later as I worked up the courage to re-enter the bathroom so I could finish mopping, the cockroach was nowhere to be seen...until the mop must have spooked it and it came flying right at me! I screamed again, it fell to the ground, and I jabbed the hell out of it with the mop. It stopped moving, so I jabbed it some more for good measure. Then I stepped on it, then I jabbed it some more. Then I scooped it up with the mop and drowned it in the bucket of mop water for a good five minutes. Then I drained the bucket into the shower, scooped up the cockroach carcass with a sponge and squished it, just to be sure it was extra, extra dead. Then I threw it in the trash and took the trash to the dumpster, far far outside of my apartment. (I'm still going to sleep with the lights on.)

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