Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Cocooning of Questions

Does the caterpillar dream?
Does the butterfly remember?

Does the caterpillar understand why
he feels compelled to weave? Does he
know he's about to bloom, or
does he think he's building a tomb?

Does nature's silhouette
shining through the cocoon's net
appear as beautiful vignette
like a sketching of outlines
for the metamorphosis of design
of the beauty to be seen
on the budding of the wings?

Does the butterfly feel brand new, or
is she prone to deja vu?

And when their paths intersect
in a wild flower field
will they pause long to suspect
a great mystery revealed?


  1. Excellent ponderings, EJ. I enjoy this piece, and really love your question about butterflies experiencing deja vu.

  2. LOVE this ... gives me pause ... and it has great metaphors for our lives should we consider them ... well done! Day 19 ~~ Treasured Cache

    1. Thank you for your comments, Becca!

  3. I wonder too. I think we humans tend to think too much (especially poets ) LOL Maybe they; Caterpillar and Butterfly, just tend to do what comes naturally without contemplating their existence too much. Who knows but, it would be kind of nice for us thinkers to know, wouldn't it!
    Lovely write, great imagery.

    1. I agree about the thinking too much, and can't imagine any other way :) Thank you for commenting, Daydreamertoo :)