Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorry, Friends:

Sorry, Friends:
I have business with the stars.
They are ready to improvise the next act, and
they need me
to stand in for Time. He's disappeared
again. I stand awkwardly in the background, eyes closed,
mouth closed, making imperceptible gestures
with my tongue
to mimic the conversation downstage.
The lights fall.
The curtains fall, and
the ovation beams me
to the mountain tops where the altitude of
my solitude leaves me

A poetry prompt from:
the imaginary garden with real toads

Word group: Altitude, Stars, Solitude, Improvise


  1. This is superb poetry. I has a wonderful flow and style. I love the way natural elements have been pulled into everyday use: the business of the stars, the quick transportation to mountain top. Very good stuff.

    Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  2. Nice to meet you! I too loved the natural and the transporting us to a new view~ Well Done!

  3. Hi Kerry, Hi Ella! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments. And thank you for maintaining such a wonderful and inspiring blog!