Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A joy ride through the universe

I had a dream right before waking up this morning...

I walked into a huge library on the campus of some prestigious university, and a librarian walked up to me and asked, "Can I help you find something?"

And I said, "Yes, do you have nice books?"

He paused and looked at me sort of funny. I then realized that "nice" probably wasn't the word I should have used. So I said, "Oh, sorry, not nice books. I mean, do you have history books?"

He said, "Yes, right this way..." and he pointed me to a tiny bookshelf that only had one book on it. Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time".

Yes! I was so happy to finally be checking out this book to read. I snatched it up and was turning to go to the counter to check it out, when a stranger walks up to me, puts her arm through my arm and says, "Hi! Now that you have this book, we can get this project done faster if we both work together."

I was confused so I asked "What project?"

She laughed and nudged me because she thought I was joking, as if the whole reason I came to the library was to work with her on this project.

I said, "No, really, what project?"

She pointed to her pile of notebooks that were laying open on the floor. "Our design project."

I gave her another really confused look and tilted my head in question.

She said, "We're going to build an amusement park!"

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