Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American-Chinese Blues Fusion

An idea popped into my head this week, and I want to give it a whirl. I know some blues riffs on harmonica, and I thought, hey, wouldn't it be fun to translate some classic blues lyrics into Chinese and then stand outside and play and sing to the people walking by?

Right outside my apartment building is a pretty big parking lot with lots of little shops, markets, fruit vendors, etc. And there are always people walking around or loitering, or huddled together while squatting to play cards to pass the hours. Time moves slowly here, as do the people, and it feels like the perfect setting for some bluesy harmonica, Chinese style.

The people always stare at me anyway because I'm a foreigner, so why not entertain them since they're already staring? Maybe I'll make some new friends? Or depending on their tastes in music and my ability to play and sing, some new enemies?

Well in either case, at least it's a new experience. I've started trying to speak with quite a few of the regulars around here. Some of them are my neighbors and some are shop owners, and some I have no idea what they do or why they hang out around here so much. But it's fun to practice my Chinese with them.

So why not take things to the next level by sharing some good 'ol American blues? I think it would be fun to translate these lyrics to Chinese, especially since I'm not a man...

In addition to all of the reasons above, this fun lil project will also help me learn some new Mandarin. I dunno, maybe I have a little too much free time on my hands these days. Mmmhmm Ooooooh, yeah, ooh, yeah...

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