Monday, March 5, 2012


Will found our little project from back in 2003 when we were teaching ourselves how to use Adobe After Effects. It was a lot of fun making this...

I was in a two-year program at Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment & Technology, and Will (my ex-husband) and I were dating then, and we decided to teach ourselves After Effects by creating this little music video. I was taking a video editing class at the time and learning a bit of After Effects in class, so this was a great way to practice. The multimedia program was so much fun (and so much work!)... graphic design, storyboarding, animation (both old-school pencil animation and computer animation), video editing with Final Cut Pro, sound editing with ProTools, web design and development, Flash animation and programming, etc. etc. I wish I had held onto my old projects but they seem to have disappeared over the years and throughout many computer changes and hard drive crashes.

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