Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On a midweek afternoon

On a midweek afternoon
as the sun is resting low
and the murmur of the day has made its shift
from bustling business to subdued evening preparation,

she loves to lie and watch the curtains breathe.

They know things,
answers for questions rarely asked.

There's a kitten in a cage at the fruit vendor in the alley.
It looks out of place, and it cries. Sadness floods the air,

but no one seems to notice how hard it is to keep breathing.

She walks to it every morning
and stands near the cage to send hope and love to her feet
as she admires the bananas.

She asks the curtains if the kitten can feel her warmth, and
white fabric fills the room.


  1. I came to your blog via Yingying's blog. I see that you write poetry. You might wish to follow "AsianCha Literary". They look for new poems all the time, especially if you have poems about China or Asia.

  2. Hi Giora! Thank you for commenting, and thank you for mentioning AsianCha Literary...I will definitely check it out. I saw your blog and can't wait to check out the links to the Chinese music. Thanks! :) Good luck with your novel!

  3. This is their website

    Click on the left side on "Poetry" to see what they publish. Click above on "Blog" and then go down on the right side and see that they call for new poems.

    Good luck!