Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Circle dream

I am led to my new office, and it is gray and dim. I see my new coworkers already at work, our desks cramped together. With his compass he's drawing countless tiny circles. They're all the same size, evenly spaced. He is fixed in concentration, but emotionless, like a machine built for a singular purpose. She too is drawing countless tiny circles. She is smiling and cheerful. Her hair is returning to its natural color, and it's all the more beautiful now, even with the remaining streaks of blonde lingering at the ends. I am making a candle with a colored plastic wrapping. I am cutting a circular opening at the top for the wick and flame, but with my scissors I only cut crooked lines that will surely catch fire. She sees my struggle and comes to help me. She draws a circle with her compass so that I can cut cleanly along the line.

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