Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rubberband gun violin

I dreamed I was playing in an orchestra. First Chair Rubberband Gun Violinist. My instrument was a rifle rubberband gun carved from wood, with a long thick rubberband stretching from the tip of the rifle barrel to the clothespins at the end of the gun. The clothespins rested near my chin when I brought the instrument up to my face to play. To make music, I moved my bow across the rubberbands, back and forth, back and forth. And I squeezed the wooden rifle trigger to bend notes down a half step. The curtains raised and the concert began. The director motioned for me to come in at my starting point in the music, and at that moment I dropped my rubberband rifle violin, crashing down onto the wooden stage at my feet. It was quite difficult to hold properly, a very awkward instrument. But everyone gasped in disbelief anyway. The concert continued, and time after time I tried to begin and always dropped my instrument just as I was about to play.

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