Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does China have worker's comp?

It's very hot and humid here lately, and my kindergarten gives the kids a water break after every class. They have a routine… class time, water time, potty time, repeat.

I have about a 50 minute break between a couple of my classes, so I usually either go help another class with the kids during "pencil time" in which they practice writing English words or do some drawings, or watch cartoons with one of my youngest classes if they're forced to be inside during their usual exercise time due to rainy weather, or today since the weather was beautiful I did exercise time with a few of the classes.

Exercise time consists of putting on a CD of music to blast over the loud speakers and then doing a bunch of fun actions and dances with the kids to get them moving around. The actions go along with each song on the CD, so it's pretty routine. It's so much fun jumping and dancing around with them. I can't believe how much I love these kids and how natural it feels to act like a complete dork all day long. I find myself doing just about anything to put a smile on their faces, no matter how ridiculous I look to the other teachers or principals. It's a blast.

Today after exercise time the kids were gulping down more water before heading back to the classrooms, and they each have their own water bottle they bring from home. I was goofing off with some of them while they were having their water. One kid was swinging his bottle around by the strap just for the heck of it, and it smashed into my knee. Most kids have a plastic water bottle, but this one was metal. Holy crap I about fell to the ground. I immediately started limping around, half cracking up laughing and half on the verge of tears from the pain. Wow! He had no idea that he even hit me, and he was still in his own little world swinging his bottle around. However a few other kids saw what happened and almost peed themselves laughing. So then I chased them around with a limpy leg as they scream-laughed their faces off.

I now have a bruise on my right knee.

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