Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday in the key of C (C is for Crap)

Today is a coworker's birthday, one of the other foreign teachers, so I learned Happy Birthday on my C harmonica this morning so I could play it for him when I got to the kindergarten.

First of all, he told me yesterday that he rarely remembers his birthday, let alone celebrates it, and he doesn't like people to know about it or make a big deal.

So I thought, hey, I know, I'll bring him cookies and play him Happy Birthday on the harmonica in front of other people. He'll just love that.

I prefaced the Happy Birthday song with, "I have a present for you. I call it torture. Ready?"

And it really was torture. I learned the song really fast and haven't been playing much lately, so it was pretty crappy sounding. Well, at least he appreciated the cookies.

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