Monday, March 12, 2012

A bee

A bee flew in the window of the classroom this morning. I was sitting in the back of the room observing as the students sitting cross legged on the floor followed along with their teacher, everyone oblivious to the bee slowly bobbing overhead. I followed it quietly with my eyes secretly hoping it would remain invisible. And my mind wandered back a month and more ago to when i was sitting on a patio enjoying a cup of coffee. I picked up the tin cup of milk to pour a bit into my coffee, and I noticed a bee inside the tin, trying for a taste. The bee didn't budge as I lifted the tin, so I tilted it carefully to pour the milk around him. But he must have spooked because in the next moment he was in the milk, legs up, buzzing and frantic. I quickly picked up my spoon and carefully scooped him out and placed him gently on the table, flipping him onto his legs so he could walk and dry himself. I was hopeful, even optimistic as he began to walk and clean his wings. But then he started to slow, and he came to a stand still. As I watched, something in me became desperate. His body started to slowly curl into a fetal position, and tears welled up in my eyes. He was gone. It felt as if an hour had passed, but it was only a minute. My chest clenched and I felt I could barely breathe. I let the tears fall.

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