Saturday, June 16, 2012

Winds of the Wasteland

It's been especially rainy here in Haikou these past few days, so what better excuse to live it up on a Saturday night by staying in and watching an old black-and-white western?

Sometimes I wonder whether I truly am a 34 year old woman, or a 75 year old man.

This preview, in all its hilarity and awesomeness, is in color...

You can watch the entire 55-minute movie on Hulu or on YouTube.

I'm really starting to love old westerns. I guess I've always had a soft spot in my heart for anything to do with cowboys, the old west, the pioneering spirit, cowboy songs and poetry, sitting around campfires, and I suppose loving camping and playing the harmonica sort of goes hand in hand with all that. In hindsight it's no wonder I ventured west to California at 18 and then finally after several years found my way to live in Colorado for a spell. (spell, hee hee)

Maybe I'm turning into my grandparents and parents. My mom's mom played harmonica, my dad played (still plays? I'll have to ask) harmonica and loves western novels and movies, and we all grew up camping. One of my favorite things in the entire world is when my Aunt Rhonda would play her guitar and sing Me and Bobby McGee around the campfire. Which probably led in part to my love of (obsession with?) folk music.

In one lifetime I'm sure I was a cowboy, and in another a beatnik. Living in Colorado got me reconnected with my love of cowboy boots and country music (sshhh) ... I even learned how to 2-step, and friends and I went two-steppin' quite often. Someday I'm going to write an ultra-cheesy memoir about all of these different lifetimes.

I wonder if it's ok to title it Winds of the Wasteland? For some reason I really like that title.


  1. I'm thankful I've met you in person and can verify that you are actually a 34-year-old female. I'd feel strange having a film nerd attraction to a 75-year-old man.

    P.S. Watch Rio Bravo.

    1. hahaha
      I can't believe that was so long ago now!

      And thanks for the suggestion of Rio Bravo. I was reading about it and just haven't gotten around to watching, but now I will. Thanks :)