Thursday, June 21, 2012


Now that I've learned how to type in Chinese on my mac, behold, my first sentence!


"I love eggplant because it's so delicious!"

But doesn't Chinese text make everything seem more profound?

On a less profound note, I've been using QQ (the big instant messaging platform here in China) to practice typing and chatting in Chinese. It's a nice addition to the whole language learning process. Helps mix things up to prevent boredom, and I get a feel for how people my age really speak/chat.

Most of my conversations in day-to-day life outside of the house are with much older people, so it's been helpful to have these chats with people my own age. There's definitely some differences in the language usage...differences in generational usage, and difference between speaking face to face and online. Pretty similar to how we use English in these ways.


  1. Haha I love eggplant too. Definitely 非常好吃!

    In case you don't see it on my blog:
    Wow, thanks! I did get the free two weeks. Hope skritter works great for you! If you've got any questions about how it works please let me know, if I can help you I will.

    Been reading through your whole blog - love it. We should definitely get together for coffee. Short notice I know, but are you free this afternoon? Send me a text - 13518892906


    1. One of my Chinese coworkers asked me, "Why do all you foreigners love eggplant so much?"

      I had no good answer for her. I think it's hilarious that we have a reputation for loving eggplant. I dunno, they just make it so good here!

  2. Great! but you should say "我爱茄子因为它非常好吃。”