Monday, June 25, 2012

Tube Technology!

"Chop, chop, let's go!"

(here's the studio version...

The second decree: no more pollution, no more car exhaust,
Or ocean dumpage. From now on, we will travel in tubes!

We'll lead as Two Kings, oh, yes,
We'll f**kin' lead as Two Kings.

Get the scientists working on the tube technology, immediately.
(Tube technology.) Chop, chop, let's go.

Ok anyway, as I was trying my best to book a train ticket from Haikou to Beijing for the upcoming Summer break on China's train website that does not yet have an English version, I decided to use Google's translation site, and was surprised at one of the translations...

A train route from "Beijing to Northern California" ???

What?! I didn't realize there was a speed train from China to the USA!

I figured it was a poor translation, but it still made me curious if such a concept had ever been toyed with, so off to Google I went.

And found this interesting article - Here are a few images of TUBE TECHNOLOGY! (borrowed from the article)...

How amazing will it be when we can travel in tubes?! Real live TUBES! I hope I'm still alive when super-high-speed-tube-travel-time (SHSTTT) comes.

Ok, back to translating this dang website. Crossing my fingers I actually end up in Beijing and do not accidentally purchase a ticket to Tibet.

Which reminds of another train trip I do hope to take someday!... - They even give you oxygen to prevent altitude sickness. Neato.


  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow! It's the big ... OK I won't tell everyone.
    Best wishes from a guitar, bass, piano, banjo, bongo and sometimes harmonica-playin' Denverite.

    1. Thank you! It's ok to say the number, but this year only. I'm staying 35 forever. It's a nice round number.