Monday, June 4, 2012

KTV on a school night

One of my coworkers invited me out to karaoke with her friends last night, and it was 8pm and I was already contemplating konking out for the night. At first I thought, ooh hmm errr on a school night? ::pause:: YES PLEASE! (I think as I inch closer to 35 I'm rebelling more and more against logic).

I sang worse than usual, but I did get to try out my very first Chinese song! Success! And then I introduced China to a little Shania Twain ("Any Man of Mine") and Kanye West/Estelle ("American Boy") to show them some country twang and raps, you know, show them how diverse we are. After countless Chinese love ballads, it was much needed, no matter how terrible it sounded.

And here are a couple of videos of my coworker and her friends singing...

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