Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exploring Haikou

I have been making an effort to get out and explore the city a bit more lately. And since the only camera I have is my iPhone, and I can never seem to capture very good cityscapes, here are a few nice ones I stole borrowed from Haikou's Wikipedia page...

Today I decided to check out another of Haikou's big public parks. I have visited Evergreen Park several times, which is a very beautiful and spacious park right on the ocean. It has a lot of open grassy areas and lots of pathways for walking or riding bikes. It also has an amusement park and some outdoor exercise equipment. But today I wanted to check out a new park, so I searched around online and found a list of Haikou's major parks.

I chose Golden Bull Mountain Ridge Park (金牛岭公园: Jīnniú lǐng gōngyuán) because it is fairly large with lots of tree coverage, a cemetery, a zoo and other interesting things to see. I didn't end up going to the zoo, but I did manage to walk a couple of hours along all of the beautiful paths through the trees. I figured the park would be much busier with it being a Sunday and all, but it was so peaceful, and the day couldn't have been more beautiful. I expected the usual afternoon rains to come rolling through in the middle of the visit, but I lucked out and the skies were bright blue with little poofy clouds rippling across the sky. Here are a couple of pics from my visit...

The rest of the pics are up on Flickr here.

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