Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diggin' to China

I posted this to Facebook last week...

I had a very doofus-y moment this morning. I walked over to some kids during recess where they were digging a very deep hole in the sandbox area, and the words were alllllllmost out of my mouth before I stopped myself... "If you keep digging, you'll reach China!" Doh! I can be such a moron. And now I wonder, do people in China say, "If you keep digging, you'll reach America!" ??? I'll ask around.

So today I finally remembered to get to the bottom of this…(get it?)...

So I asked my Chinese coworker teachers today if they say anything when the kids are digging really deep holes, and told them in America we say "If you keep digging, you'll dig all the way to China!"... They just looked at me funny, so I asked them a couple of different ways and they said, "Yes, I understand what you mean" and I was like and? well?... Turns out they don't say such silly things. If I had to guess, maybe they are more practical and simply say, "If you keep digging, you'll dig all the way to the bottom of the sandbox." Oh well.

Not a very exciting conclusion to this mystery, sorry folks.

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