Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magic candle holder

One of my new favorite things in the whole universe is holding a lighter to the bottom of a tall skinny candle and then sticking it to a flat surface, and MAGICALLY it stays standing, ahhh!

I learned this trick only recently when staying in Nepal, having never really used the tall skinny kind of candle until then. Due to the 14+ hours of power outages a day, I often lived by candlelight when the generators weren't running. I had a candle holder in my room, but one day I saw one of the hotel staff do the melt-the-bottom-of-the-candle trick and it was like that scene in Amélie when she whisks the blind man around town and then he lights up and stands there glowing when she leaves him basking in all of his newfound seeing-without-sight. Well, maybe it wasn't as dramatic as that.

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