Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dream journal

I have started keeping a dream journal to try to remember my dreams. I've always been bad at this and could never seem to remember my dreams, except on rare occasion. But now that I have a notebook and pen beside my bed, I seem to remember them. Magic? Is it simply because there is now a notebook there? Weird.

Anyway, I seem to be able to remember about three big dreams per night, and I quickly write them down first thing in the morning. I'm hoping this also leads to a better memory in general, because it seems these past few years I can barely recall anything at all! So I start with writing the most recent dream memory, and then as I am finishing that one the previous dream seems to come to mind so I sketch that down, and then the previous one and so on. It's like I'm working my way backwards into the night.

Maybe someday I'll sit down and type them all up into one big long nonsensical storybook.

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