Friday, February 10, 2012

Lucid dreaming?

I had a strange experience last night that I chatted with my friend Jen about this morning. Instead of rewriting it, here's the chat...

“well i just got into bed last night and was lying there really still, sort of like meditating, deep breathing stuff and trying to make my body feel really light, and then i noticed the sounds outside my apartment were just sort of floating far away below they were going under water...

and the vibration sounds in my ears (hard to explain) were becoming a bit louder, like when you can hear power lines or something...

and then i felt the vibrations start going through my body, a little at first, and then stronger and stronger

and then in my mind i lifted my hand, even tho i knew that my real hand wasn't lifting, but in my mind i was telling my left hand to lift, and then i felt it 'come out of my body'...again hard to explain, so i kept going with that feeling, with the rest of the areas of my body.....

until it felt like my whole body had separated

and then i floated up to my ceiling, and in my head i said turn over

and i did

and i saw myself in my bed sleeping

and i was floating so i said to myself, i want to fly, and then all of a sudden i was in a very different place, very vibrant colors everywhere, and the grass and trees were very green

and i was flying slowly over all of this green grass, lots of rolling hills

so then in my head i was trying to control my flying and i came closer to the grass to fly low, and all of these tiny lightning bugs appeared and i flew through them as they were lighting up all around me

and the rest of the dream i was flying around exploring, and i saw lots of strange birds that i'm not even sure exist

and then i flew near a clothes line near a house or something and i picked up this big colorful sheet, and i was holding it above my head as i was flying

and then at some point i saw a couple of little kids and i flew near them, and they tried to take the sheet or something, and they weren't that mean or anything but they really wanted the sheet so i gave it to them and then i was back in my bed, awake

the end”