Monday, February 13, 2012

Chinese physical exam

This morning my principal took me to get a physical in order to get the work visa, and I'm still reeling. They swooped me from room to room, from doctor to doctor, each one performing a different test. First they took my blood, then my weight and height, then an ultrasound of my entire mid section, then an ECG (electrocardiogram) and holy crap that was the freaky one since I had never had one before…they made me lay down and lift up my shirt and bra and pant legs and then clasped all of these metal-plated things to my wrists and ankles and put all of these suction cup things all over my chest and then said "relax" (yeah right, lady)…then had to pee in a cup, then a vision test, then a man stuck his fingers into my abdomen really really hard and it hurt bad enough for me to yelp a big "oww!" and then an X-ray of my whole upper body. All of this was done in about 30 minutes. Super efficient.