Saturday, May 26, 2012


One of my favorite parts of shopping today was when trying to find cockroach poison, the powder kind, not the spray kind, and I don't know the Chinese words for this stuff yet. I had to mime a cockroach to the lady in the bug poison aisle, so I sort of made an ugly face and make wiggly motions with all my fingers and made quick wing flapping motions, but she just looked at me funny. So then I found a picture of a cockroach on a bug spray can and she goes "AHHH!" and pointed me to all kinds of roach poison sprays but I tried to say no (because I want the powder kind, not the spray kind) and then mimed opening a small packet and pouring it into the palm of my hand and then when that didn't work I mimed sprinkling it onto the floor. She shook her hands "no" at me and then picked up a package of roach motels. I sort of made a 'no thanks' face and hand motions (because I really wanted the powder kind) but she seemed to really want me to get the motels, so she opened the box and pulled out the motels, and then mimed eating them like she was a roach and then cocked her head to the side, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue like she just died. OMG I lost it, she was hilarious. And she won the mime-a-thon, hands down. I bought the motels.

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