Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey babe

Hey babe it's been a long time now
It's so good to see you smilin'
With that mouth of fame and fancy
But those eyes, they look like cryin'

It's ok we all go through it
So we borrow someone's glory
While we plagiarize the plot line
Tryin' to write our own story

You still diggin' in a sandbox of cliches
I ask, which one you gonna play with today

Yeah we lived on the Pacific
On the edge of this great big world
Babe you made me feel terrific
But my heart was always at sea

You showed me how fast the world turns
When staring at the horizon
Something in my chest always burns
When the last sliver of sun slips

I was swimmin' in an ocean of cliches
You said, one of them's gonna drown you someday

I remember many mornings
Waking to your generous touch
Wish you were still undressin' me
Babe you always had the smooth hands

Sometimes I wonder what happened
But that's life, so they like to say
It's frightnin' how the years fly by
Until you see the light of day

We're livin' in a tired world of cliches
And we're wakin' up 'n strippin' them away

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