Friday, March 18, 2011

Remembering Ray

Since the beginning of time
Grandpa has been wearing those tan work pants and matching tan button up work shirt
And don't forget the black suspenders.
It would have been extremely odd
If he were to appear in another outfit
Impersonating someone else's grandpa.
Daydreaming now
I imagine grandpa a mine worker
No, a foreman
Standing at the mouth of the mine
Holding a lantern and peering inside the deep black space
Ruffing and gruffing at his men
Hurry up down there, he'd say, I don't have all day
And then he'd turn to face the sun and smile in that love of all mankind sort of way.
Remembering my last visit from California
Grandpa smiled to me and said, So darlin', you still livin' in Queerifornia? Ha. Ha. Ha.
O grandpa
You're one of a kind.

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