Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ice cream shoppe

Today I saw a beard, a thick, bushy beard, and immediately thought of how much I would like to crawl inside of it and build a nest. But then it seemed so cliche, to build a nest in a beard. I bet there are tens of poems about building nests in beards. So maybe I would build something else in his beard...and besides, I bet he's tired of people wanting to build nests in there. All the mud and twigs and whatnot. I would go to the city and request a permit to build an ice cream shoppe. I think he would really like an ice cream shoppe in his beard, especially on blistering hot summer days. It's too bad though that his beard is probably already zoned for nests. I would have to submit an application for rezoning the residential area as commercial space. And I would probably have to get all of his neighbors to sign a petition saying it's ok. I wonder what his neighbors would think if I presented them a petition that says "PETITION TO REZONE BEARD AS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY" … I bet they would sign it in a heartbeat when they learned that an ice cream shoppe will be right next door. Where I live now there's an ice cream shoppe that is so incredibly popular that there is always a line out the door and around the block. I think the beard ice cream shoppe will be just as popular. I hope he won't be annoyed at all of the traffic.