Sunday, July 24, 2011

Normal adult hobbies

I forget how we got on the subject, but my friend Jen and I last week were talking about robots.

I said to her, "I love robots" and she asked "Why?" and I said, "because they're cute and cuddly" and she said "No they're not, they're metal and rectangular!" So I said, "No, not the robots of the 21st century, they're more roundy" and so I drew one to prove it... And then she said, "That's not a robot, that's a monster!" bah.

I forget how this next part came about, but I then told her I would make her a robot. So yesterday I went to the hardware store, which I absolutely love to do anyway, and I picked up a full basket of robot-making supplies. The guy at the counter started ringing me up and I'm watching his face just sort of snickering on the inside because my basket of supplies screams "WTF?!" and his face becomes more and more puzzled and my inner giggles get bigger and bigger. He then says to me, "I've worked here a long time and this is by far the most random assortment of things I've ever seen."

Yes! I secretly high-5 myself in my head.

And I offered up no explanation. Because #1: He doesn't need to know that a grown adult woman is making a robot in her spare time, and #2: I don't need that kind of embarrassment.

I then went home, got out even more supplies from my toolbox and sewing box and art supply box and went to town making a robot. Here we go...

Jen came over to pick up her robot tonight and the look on her face when she first set eyes on him was priceless. Another inner high-5. I call him the Utilibot2000 because he has tons of usable supplies all over him. She went to an engineering school and says she will motorize him so that he'll be a fully functioning robot soon. Oh, and she named him Jonathan. Then she took him home, but first we buckled him safely in her backseat...

I secretly want to make more robots.

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