Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York Vacation

Here are photos from my recent vacation to New York and Cape Cod -- May 21-31, 2011...

It was my first trip to New York and Massachusetts, and I had such a wonderful time. A summary...
  • Hiking in the beautiful, super-green, woods in mid-state NY
  • Band reunions
  • Rock climbing
  • Gun shooting (bulls-eye on the first shot!)
  • Backyard campfires, guitar, singing, s'mores
  • New York City! Times Square!
  • Bought a Swatch in Times Square. Stuck Like Glue.
  • Subways
  • Walking in Central Park
  • Manhattans in Manhattan at the Stonewall Inn
  • Wandering through Woodstock, NY
  • Napping by a lake in Woodstock
  • Road trip to Cape Code / Provincetown, MA
  • Best little bed & breakfast
  • Bike rides
  • Morning runs
  • Campfire, whiskey, s'mores, guitars, drums, singing on the beach
  • Afternoon BBQ
  • Date night
  • Foam party
  • Ice cream cones with family

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