Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gettin' the heck outta Dodge!

So I was wanting to get away for the weekend and go camping or backpacking or something, but I wimped out since it's still really chilly at night and we're having rainy weather lately. I decided to go on a road trip instead. I started with Google maps, searching from Denver in every direction until something feasible caught my eye. I wanted something far enough to feel like I got away, but not too far that I would get exhausted on the road. And I only had from Friday afternoon to Saturday night since I committed to attend an Easter brunch Sunday morning. A 5-6 hour drive would do the trick. I zoomed in and found Dodge City, Kansas. I thought, "Hey, is this THEE Dodge?" I quickly did my Google research and sure enough, the one and only!

I did consider exploring more of the mountain towns in Colorado but figured I have plenty of time during the beautiful summer months to do that. So I packed up and headed East. Here are photos from the trip...

Btw, they uploaded in reverse order.

Oh, so I woke up in the hotel Saturday morning and thought hmmm, let's see what the weather's like today. I added Dodge City to my iPhone weather app and saw the Yahoo! link in the corner, so I clicked it to look at all the info about Dodge City. I quickly saw a news headline that WILLIE freaking NELSON is in town for a concert that night! Holy crap! He's on my must-see-before-either-he-or-I-kick-the-bucket list. I fired up the laptop and went to purchase tickets and immediately saw that the show was postponed due to poor health. Bummer, Willie. Feel better soon, m'kay? I was totally ready to stay for the concert and drive home afterwards no matter how exhausted. He's a legend.

A couple of 'interesting' notes from the road trip...

1) I passed over a stream of water called "White Woman Creek" near Leoti, KS... Curious how it got its name.

2) I packed a few goodies into a big resealable baggie and learned on day #2 of the trip that: Open bag of Twizzlers + Open bag of beef jerky = Twizzler-flavored beef jerky. And that, folks, equals YUM!

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