Sunday, February 5, 2017

In this plain state

Sepia-toned Sunday
I move slowly through the house
Socks shuffling on smooth wood planks
Pausing at the kitchen sink to reflect
On this tiny backyard and its plainness
In this plain town in this plain state
Of affairs
I’ve had with other places this romance
Of what could be, of what I could be
When I was younger
It wasn’t a what-if fantasy that lasted more than a minute
Because I was up and gone
And now I move slowly
Through my body and through my mind
If only to show my heart that it’s ok
To move slowly
Through this romance with the world
As it could be
And the more slowly I move the more I see
The world as it is
And somewhere in the slowness of time
The what-if fantasy is beautiful in its dream-like state
Of affairs
I’ve had this idea that something bigger is happening 
Somewhere else
I was up and gone
And now the world seems smaller
As I shuffle in my socks 
In this plain house, in this plain town
In this plain state
I’m in

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