Monday, July 27, 2015

On a train to god knows where

Working on a song (and a title) and a tune for acoustic guitar. And I can't get Bright Eyes' Bowl of Oranges tune out of my head when I sing this. Going to set it aside and come back to rework it later, fresh.

[verse I]
I dreamed I bought a ticket
for a train to god knows where

Packed no bags just took a seat
my mind was light as air

As we pulled out of the station
I noticed strangers everywhere

Their faces looked so heavy
from the thoughts they could not bear

[chorus-y type part]
And I wondered...
What is it that you share
For whom do you care
Are they no longer there
And we felt so all alone...

[verse II]
The landscape out the window
began to blur

And to my right I heard the sigh
of a fellow passenger

Their breath was strained and I felt the pain
for which there is no cure

I said I understand, reached out my hand
with intentions quite pure

[chorus-y type part]
Their eyes they said...
Are you sure
Mine said, We're in this together
It was like looking in a mirror
And everyone raised their eyes...

[bridge-y part? more speaking than singing]
And I could tell this was a dream...

When I looked down at my ticket
and did not question

No time of arrival
no destination

This was a beautiful dream...

Where we all woke up and recognized
we're all on the same journey

[verse III]
After some time the speed let up
the train released its steam

The world came into focus
in this dream within a dream

Your loss became my loss
and all the rest was so fleeting

There really is no difference
between you and me

[chorus-y type part]
And the truth of it all...
The ungraspable
The intangible
Is that we're in separable
And this is how we live on...

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