Thursday, January 24, 2013

Neighbor lady strikes again

For months and months I have avoided turning the lights on when I go into the kitchen for fear my neighbor lady will see me from her kitchen window across the way (I have no curtain hangie things in the kitchen to block her view). Well tonight I chanced it, turned on the lights and went into my kitchen to peel an orange. Sure enough, five seconds later my neighbor lady appeared in her window and started her high pitched screaming. I've had a cold all week and can't raise my voice so I just stood there making exaggerated shrugging motions, palms face-up, head tilted to one side. I knew what came next by past experience...seconds later she was pounding on my apartment door. And again it wasn't normal knocking; it was walls-shaking, earth-shattering, thunderous pounding. I let her in and she started speaking a mile a minute, none of which I understood. Then she pointed to my water bottles I had set aside to take out for recycling, so I said ok here you go and handed them to her. Then she left. So I shut off all the lights and scurried to my bedroom to hide. Seconds later she was back at the door pounding like a maniac. I opened the door and this time she came into my apartment and flipped on my living room lights and nosed around a bit as she kept pointing to the ceiling and speaking too quickly. Btw she's the neighbor lady I can never understand even when I can understand my other neighbors just fine. Maybe it's an accent thing. Then the meter man appears in my doorway (it's 8pm btw, not cool guys) and then I understood. Tomorrow the 25th is our usual water meter reading day but since it lands on a Friday this month I guess he wanted to read them early, who knows. So meter man came in and read my meters while neighbor lady wandered around my apartment looking things over. I currently have all my belongings in neat piles all over the living room since I need to pack soon for my trip back to the states, so neighbor lady was sure to inspect it all thoroughly. As weird as it sounds, part of me will miss her and our odd encounters.

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