Monday, July 2, 2012

For My Mother

Space is the least of what she shared with her mother.

Her greatest treasures born of a will not her own.

A spore will mushroom in the warm shade of the tree.

Carried by the wind and uprooted with ease, she draws every day from the soil.

A poetry prompt from:
the imaginary garden with real toads

This is my attempt at the ancient Koan form of Chinese poetry.


  1. Your metaphor of the mushroom was unexpected and added incredible dimension to the poem as a whole.
    Thank you for participating on Real Toads.

  2. Very lovely koan ~ The mushroom is a hardy plant, a survivor ~

  3. This is incredibly deep and shares an entire philosophy in four lines. So well done!

  4. I love the thoughts of the mushroom and the relationship!
    Fascinating and vivid~ I loved it~