Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nepal, a few photos

I have been in Kathmandu, Nepal for 2 days now and have ventured out walking around the city quite a bit, but keep forgetting to take pictures. I guess it's not so much forgetting to take the photos as much as it is trying to pay attention while walking in traffic (very few sidewalks exist), dodging zigzaggy cars and motorcycles, and trying to get un-lost in the spaghetti maze of un-mapped streets.

I am really enjoying it here so far. I am in the main part of Kathmandu called Thamel and it's always very alive and buzzing and moving. And honking.

There's lots of spitting in public, and I learned yesterday that apparently there is a law stating that you can't spit in public. But it seems most people aren't too concerned with that law. Men, women and children constantly spitting. Losing valuable fluids! So not only am I concentrating on dodging the motorcycles, the spit as well. Makes for an interesting and very alert walk.

So, Monday I saw a monkey on a rooftop, Tuesday I saw a cow in the intersection, and today I saw an ant on a windowsill and a pigeon on a ledge...decidedly less exciting animal life in the city by the day. But I hear there's an elephant nearby.

The food here is so delicious and I'm excited to try some of the restaurants locals have been suggesting. I am enrolled in a TEFL course, a 4-week intensive course learning how to teach English as a foreign language, and it begins Monday. So I have the next few days to keep venturing out to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the city. Will be posting more photos soon.

Namaste  (I love how most people say this upon greeting and parting. The vibe here is pretty darn cool.)